A career at Relentless Marketing Concepts is unlike many. (Note that we said career instead of  job! )

They say the difference between having a career and a job is doing work you love, so we look to offer challenging, stimulating, and meaningful work to every individual who joins our team. Whether starting in our marketing, sales, or human resources department, each career at Relentless Marketing Concepts represents a powerful force capable of making an impact. From interactions with co-workers, customers, and clients, two days at the office are never the same, which creates a culture where excellence is demanded and the bar is continuously raised.

Why start a career with Birmingham’s premier marketing and sales firm?



There’s no such thing as a glass ceiling at Relentless Marketing Concepts. Team members have structured career paths designed to aid in the continuous development of their professional selves.



A career at Relentless Marketing Concepts comes with face-to-face interactions included… DAILY! Talk about being able to improve your communication and negotiation skills!



The best growth happens outside of your comfort zone, so we offer monthly travel ventures to our team. Whether national or international, be sure to have a passport handy!



One of the biggest perks of a career at Relentless Marketing Concepts is the opportunity to dictate your income. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly bonuses + commission?! Yes, please!



No one wants to work somewhere they dislike their coworkers. Imagine an environment where you not only liked your teammates, but you actually wanted to spend time with them out of the office!



In representing the fastest growing cellular company, we’re constantly working to improve our knowledge of their products and competitors. Plus, working on a company-assigned tablet is cool!


Open positions: